Top 10 Countries Fastest Internet Connection


Which Country has the Fastest Internet Connection in the World

Today the Fastest Internet is also taken as the important one choice when thinking regarding where to stay life mostly in Eastern Asia. The U.S is the center of a few of the most effective and impressive high-tech organizations. But with all of these its technical reputation, the United States doesn’t have the fastest internet rate on the globe. It doesn’t even break the top ten rankings.

One of the downside from Akamai’s Q3 of 2013 of “State of the Internet” review was already released currently and examined with online relationships in places all over the globe depending on data usage from Akamai’s Brilliant System. Internationally, the online internet speed of rate increased to ten percent from Q2 2013 at a normal speed of 3.6 Megabytes per second. Although, the international regular optimum connection rate decreased by 5.2 % to 17.9 Megabyte per second.

With respect to the details of “Cisco” in Hong Kong has the great fastest internet speed services (Broadband) on the globe, along with a normal downloading speed throughput of 63.6 Megabits per second while Japan is closer to it. A normal average of upload throughput of 17 megabits per second which is also greater than two times that of Hong Kong, and has 100 % great speed internet of broadband. You can also find Which Country Has the Slowest Internet Connection.

List of Top Ten Countries Fastest Internet Connection

Rank Country Name Internet Speed in Mb/sec
1.  China Hong Kong 63.6
2.  Japan.svg Japan  50
3.  Romania.svg Romania  47.9
4.  South Korea.svg South Korea 44.8
5.  Latvia.svg Latvia 44.2
6.  Singapore Singapore 41.1
7.  Switzerland Switzerland 40.3
8.  Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria  38.2
9.  Netherlands Netherlands 38.2
10.  Belgium Belgium 38

Q:  Which Country has the Fastest Internet in the World?

Ans: After the authenticate sources it is founded that the “Hong Kong” has the Fastest Internet and brings in the variety of Direct Service Link (DSL) connections per head globally. It has an internet speed of about 63.6 Mb/sec. A.DSL is standard Fastest Internet services, although V.DSL has started growing quickly.


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